What is Reiki

What a Reiki session is:

Reiki by Lee is performed in a relaxed office setting folowing a pre-session consultation. Your customized energy healing session may integrate crystals, sound, or chakra-specific clearing and energy balancing.

Easing into a state of deep relaxation while reclining fully-clothed on a cozy table for treatment, allows your body to begin to heal.  Ideally, one deeply relaxes into theta brain waves Рthe same brain waves attained during meditation Рwhich maximizes healing. You may experience a gentle release of emotions, a transmutation of negative mental formations or patterns, or simply feel peacefully relaxed, which may result in relief of existing physical symptoms.

This brief radio interview of Reiki Master, Lee provides additional information.

Lee Nelson-9 14 17 Reiki


Post session support with discussion is included, which often includes recommendations for maintenance and complimentary treatment modalitites – specific for your optimal wellness.