Lee’s Journey


Lee’s Journey:



How did you get started doing this type of work?

My journey of being a healer started fifteen years ago while working in the world of healthcare. When, a few years ago, I realized that many treatments have something in common – A disease is being treated, instead of wellness being maintained. Can we, instead, heal now, prevent decline, and be well every day?

While personally experiencing repeated symptoms of anxiety, I received a reiki treatment which relieved the symptoms for the first time in my life. And, I didn’t get the session with anything particular in mind to be healed, I just “tried it”. Consequently, I decided to pursue reiki training for my own healing, and I have been impressed with the results. For years, I had grown accustomed to that “nagging pain” of the anxiety that would appear every so often. Sadly, I had begun to “accept” that it was just there sometimes, like a sprained muscle.

As those symptoms decreased with reiki treatments, however, I began to notice the emotional relationship to the symptoms. I then begn to reflect that when these symptoms arose – it was anxiety. I could then heal and release the fear I was feeling in that moment, change my response to the perceived stressor, and relax. With the help of reiki, when theses symptoms start to mildly “rear their head”, I energetically send them away. Within moments, I am focusing on other areas that deserve my time and attention, like having fun.


The Reiki Path?

Reiki can be the bridge allowing the deep relaxation necessary for true healing and change to manifest. From here, one can continue to choose positive thoughts towards wellness.

If we never relax deeply enough to allow complete healing, how can we move forward from a high place of joy? If we struggle with anxiety, while our bodies are under a low-grade consant stress response from everyday living, how can true wellness be a reality?

When you get that “vacation” of deep relaxation though the energy flow of Reiki, there allows a reset to the parasympathetic response. A return to the rest, digest – and healing phase of thre endocrine system. We can then practice good habits going forward, believing in good health. When we fill the space within with light and love, we – as people – are healthy and just feel good.



Continuing on the Path…

Becoming an Usui Reiki Master Teacher in 2015, Lee was focused on going within, healing herself. As she then offered reiki to close loved ones, Lee realized reiki was something that could help many. As she began helping others through volunteering, the gratitude she felt for making a difference to people – who often times were searching for “something” to just make them feel better – was unparalleled. To brief peace to someone who has been burdened by pain, and relief to a person grieving through heartache, can be beautiful. And, she was moved to open her practice shortly thereafter, discussing some of that journey during a brief radio interview, here:

Lee Nelson-9 14 17 Reiki


In 2017, Lee then obtained certification as a Certified Crystal Reader. As Crystals are amazing amplifiers and conduits of energy, using crystals to enhance healing, can not only amplify the effects of the healing energy of Reiki, but also can focus with precision on a certain concern, focal point, or energy center. Crystal use can especially be useful if an isolated chakra is out of balance, or discord is felt recurring in a localized area. The energy flow can be targeted with the laser-like assistance of the crystal’s energy – as well as its color frequency, in many cases, to expedite positive results.

Lee also recognizes how sound healing is a beneficial con-current therapy in Reiki energy healing sessions, and incorporates sound into a healing session to “break up” energy blockages through the power of the vibrations of the powerful, harmonious Tibetan singing bowls. With sound healing therapy, there is an amplification of energy flow, bringing change at a cellular level, intensifying healing.

With Reiki by Lee, pure light energy heals away old patterns of “dis”ease – while pure love energy fills the energy pathways of the body with the highest energy vibrations for health, and wellbeing. This pure reiki energy healing re-aligns the energy flow of the body, self, and mind. With results like peace, calm, and centeredness, our bodies can truly “rest” in its parasympathetic state, to heal.

Although already a Reiki Master Teacher, Lee was excited to acquire the additional training as a Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki (R) Master. Where traditional Usui Reiki utilizes four energy pathways (plus each Master’s individual pathway), Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki (R) uses eight additional, very intricate, pathways. Please visit Publications on Lee’s Linkedin page https://www.linkedin.com/in/reikibylee/  for more information on Karuna Reiki (R). Or, contact directly via phone or text for more details on how these intricate energy pathways are resources available to have a very targeted healing response.



What should a client know about your pricing?

Trying someone new can give one pause, so there is always a first time client special offer! As well as package deals available. Details available at http://www.reikibylee.com/services or http://www.facebook.com/reikibylee

*Present your mmj card for a free first time session. Also, military veterans receive a complimentary first session.


What is your typical process for working with a new client?

A detailed consultation via telephone and before the start of a session is included to discuss present concerns, overall health status, and one’s goals for treatment. As well as continued post-session support is offered to assist with energetic integration.


What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

When you don’t find Lee volunteering reiki services, you may find her utilizing her Certification as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Reiki Karuna Holy Fire II Reiki Master, and a Certified Crystal Reader for personalized sessions in Tempe, AZ.


How to get Questions answered?

As always, Lee is grateful to help anyone – wherever he or she may currently be on their healing path – and welcomes questions about any concerns or unknowns. You may call / text 480.331.1038. Thank you!

Namaste, Blessings and Light.