Holistic Care and Reiki


Holistic medicine views the person as a whole, not as an isolated problem or symptom. Therefore, to be informed one has a “problem”, does not have to be acceptable. Both the holistic practice of Reiki and the scientific principles of physics support that the body is a life force of energy – And, this body has the ability to heal itself.

From a technical or scientific view, when your body has symptoms of discomfort, it is communicating to tell you it is unwell. Masking those symptoms does not cure the root cause, and at times causes your body to “speak” louder to you. The root cause of symptoms of discomfort is blockage, or stagnation of energy flow throughout the body, which Reiki can help with.

What types of people seek reiki healing?

Typically, individuals seek out energy healing after exhausting other traditional options, without feeling relief. People are often fatigued and in extreme need of relief from worry, frustration, fear, pain, or heartache. The beauty of reiki energy healing, is it has a myriad of benefits.

Reiki is beneficial for emotional concerns, like heartache from a broken relationship. It can also instill peace of mind from mental anguish of being overloaded with responsibilities, or the struggles of a stressful life experience, like going through a divorce. Physical symptom relief can also be a welcomed benefit of reiki as deep relaxation allows for balanced chemical responses in the body. As adrenaline and cortisol decrease with treatment, your body can begin to heal itself by removing toxins and waste products, while adequately oxygenating every cell in your body.

What advice would you give someone seeeking healing?

Finding the right Holistic Healer(s) can be a journey. More than one type of bodywork may be helpful, and independent daily practice of good self care is very important.

What questions should one think through before talking to a professional?

What is the goal I hope to achieve with this healing modality? How much time and energy am I prepared to invest in my wellness?


Crystal grid with malachite, rose quartz, moonstone, labradorite, selenite, tourmaline, amethyst and quartz points for soothing, balancing and deep heart healing.

Interestingly, while your body is trying to heal itself, it may be subjected to additional stress, fear, anxiety, worry, etc. New stress when added to a still-healing body, can slow overall healing, leading to many blockages of energy flow throughout your body and its chakra energy centers / the corresponding organs, at various times in life.

Conversely, the ideal healthy body has balanced and free-flowing energy centers, allowing energy to come and go freely. Positive energy can flow in to nourish, while toxins can flow outward for elimination. Reiki can help release any blocked energy patterns, while realiging the energy centers resulting in optimal health and wellness, holistically, and comfortably.

Reiki is performed in a relaxed setting while the client typically lies down, on a comfy table. A Reiki session may also be performed remotely, over the phone, so the client may relax comfortably how he or she chooses for the treatment. This is known as Distance Healing or Remote Healing Reiki.